Spring is here

Hello All,

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Well, since my last post, which is over 8 months ago, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is my writing. I had really big hopes for my writing. I wrote monthly for the magazine, Together, and I had a good column, which focussed on personal development. I thought that perhaps it would be a start of things to come.

And well, I thought I would become FAMOUS! Like, writing that column would lead me to bigger and better things. I would get a book deal, or I’d get more work, someone from the Guardian might pick up on my absolute brilliance and talent and offer me a job. Then I’d be a best-selling author and esteemed writer and I could quit my day job and just spend my days getting up whenever I want, going for walks, visiting the seaside, eating fish and chips.

But alas! I’m still in my day job and there is no book deal in sight. Very slowly, over the course of the last¬† few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was looking at things from quite an entitled point of view. The whole point of me starting a blog was to just write about the things I enjoy, not for the fame and fortune. Frankly, there are a lot of people like me who write stuff like mine and probably don’t have a mega 52 foot yacht, and have regular drinks with Leornard Di Caprio on it. They just love what they do.

I love my writing. It may be a bit naff sometimes, it may be a bit philosophical, it may be (very) self-indulgent, but it’s just a wonderful thing. Amen!

I visited the pretty city of Leuven (Belgium) today. As I wandered along the streets, I was startled by the light pink cherry blossoms. They reminded me that the days will be brighter,  the air lighter, and that it is time for a new start.

Two weeks ago, my home town of Brussels was struck by bombs. They tried to intimidate us, and darken our days. But by venturing out today, and welcoming the spring, I was reminded by the saying that I heard at a Christmas sermon, “that even in the darkest days, there is light.”

So here’s to spring: a symbol of new beginnings, new writing, and light.