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The point of protest (10 December, 2017)

I’m all for taking up our right to protest, but I’m more for doing it with perspective.

Simmering in the subconscious (20th November, 2017)

Some great ideas take their time to bring to the boil.

Money versus happiness (22nd October, 2017)

I’ve been having to spend less as of late. But in exchange, I get more free time. I’m pretty happy about it.

Saying f**k it to goals (12th November, 2016)

It’s good to have a plan and set goals. It’s also great to sometimes chuck them in the bin and just enjoy life.

Sisters in Islam (24th April, 2016)

When Islam seems to be constantly getting a bad reputation, these women restore my faith in humanity.

Late Bloomers (16th April, 2016)

The youth tend to take centre stage. Even though it is phenomenal to witness the meteoric rise of young talent, we cannot discount those that bloom later in life.

Freedom to write (10th April, 2016)

Writing not only gives us the space to share our thoughts and beliefs, it is also necessary to uncover the truth. Today, I mourn the loss of The Malaysian Insider, an independent news site, dedicated to investigative journalism.

Settling for an ‘8’ (2nd August, 2015)

What does it mean to settle in relationships? In my article for Together Magazine, I attempt to find out.

The driving force of fear (30th July, 2015)

Chick-lit got me thinking about fear.

Know Thyself (1st May, 2015)

It’s still pretty tricky to know ourselves, but a little mindfulness and poetry helps.

2015: My year of writing (19th April, 2015)

I aim to publish more this year. Just like my love life, my career is in my hands.

Confronting the news (12th April, 2015)

How do we deal with the news? Over-invest in it? Bury our heads in the sand and ignore it? I attempt to find out for the November issue of Together magazine.

Living room letter: Going grey gracefully  (4th April, 2015)

My second Living room letter: K worries about what she should do with her grey hairs. I give her some advice.

I’ve quit Facebook (for the time being) (28th March, 2015)

And what a new lease of life it’s given me!

All about intuition (20th February, 2015)

Oprah Winfrey is a very intuitive person, and very successful as a result. I intend to go with my gut too.

The art of conversation (5th October, 2014)

A little conversation goes a long way, maybe even a date or two.

In praise of… ‘In praise of’ (14th September, 2014)

In praise of this wonderful little column in The Guardian.

The thin veil of equality (15th August, 2014)

We have still a long way to go before men and woman are considered as equals.

Literature for life (6th August, 2014)

Literature challenges and teaches us how to live. And, it’s ok not to finish a book.

Criticism: take it; leave it; but face it (13th July, 2014)

Criticism can be hard to swallow, but it doesn’t have to be.

Showing up (6th July, 2014)

When you show up, rejoice in the fact that you did your best, no matter what the outcome brings.

Should we really do what we love? (3rd July, 2014)

When it comes to careers, should we really do a job that encapsulates our passion?

The shy Iranian (11th June, 2014)

It’s time to let the shy Iranian in all of us out.

Getting comfortable with discomfort (11th May, 2014)

Part of living the good life is encountering discomfort and dealing with it.

A cup of tea: extending the olive branch (20th April, 2014)

A cup of tea is more than just a cup of tea.

Know your value – know your self (13th April, 2014)

My second article for Together magazine. Before we can know our worth, we first must know who we are.

My first magazine publication (15th March, 2014)

This article is about leaving space in our lives, to let the air in.

Saying Yes (16th February, 2014)

Saying yes can be a small thing, but it can lead to great things.

Higher Pleasures (9th February, 2014)

When money is a bit tight, treating ourselves to an expensive leisurely activity or event can seem a bit sinful or over-indulgent. But if it cultivates our mind and is part of us living the good life, it’s worth it.

Comparing ourselves: an exercise in futility (26th January, 2014)

The philosopher John Rawls changed my perceptions of myself and of the people to whom I use to feel inferior.

Taking a chance on love (19th January, 2014)

Life offers many circumstances where one must be courageous; and the search for love is no exception.

Your love keeps lifting me higher (12th January, 2014)

I experience flow when I sing in a choir.

January (5th January, 2014)

Resolutions: should we make them or do they just remind us of how bad we are at sticking to them (because we tend to make the same ones the following year)? Sometimes you achieve more by not making any in the first place.

The gift to be simple (12th December, 2013)

At Christmas time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with buying presents and giving gifts. I much prefer simplicity at this time, in particular the simple gift of giving one’s time to another, without expecting anything in return.

My mini-oven (23rd November, 2013)

The small things can really make all the difference.

The importance of being idle (12th November, 2013)

Winnie the Pooh provides some invaluable pieces of wisdom here.

Living room letters: office gossip (4th November, 2013)

A reader asks about how to deal with office gossip. I respond that actually gossiping is in our genes and there are benefits to it. I do also offer advice, eventually.

Finding the highest expression of ourselves (27th October, 2013)

Please try to do what you love, whether in your professional life or as a hobby. Please. Thank you.

Do what you can, according to who you are (20th October, 2013)

After attending an event against modern-day slavery, I discovered the role that I can play in fighting injustice.

30 (13th October, 2013)

What happened to me when I turned 30.

The flip-side to failure (4th October, 2013)

I’ve had many failures, and I will no doubt continue to fail in one way or another. But instead of being ashamed of my failures, I’ve embraced them, and have learnt to befriend them.

Humanity always wins (29th September, 2013)

It’s by remembering and reinforcing the every day little or big acts of kindness that I believe is the saving grace of our humanity.

When he’s just not that into you (12th September, 2013)

It can be disheartening to admit the truth, but at the end day why should we bother with someone who’s just not that into us?

The perfect role models (7th September, 2013)

Just like a pepsi drink or a spaghetti sauce, there is no one perfect taste that pleases all of us, but rather a variety. When it comes to looking to role models, we should take inspiration from a variety of them, and embrace their diverse attributes in different ways.

Where have all the polymaths gone? (1st September, 2013)

Some of the greatest thinkers of our time, from Eastern and Western civilisations, were polymaths. Why does it seem that nowadays we favour only the specialists, whereas history appears to show us the opposite?

London on my terms (16th August, 2013)

London life is so much more enjoyable when you don’t actually have to live there.

Getting over heartbreak (7th August, 2013)

Love is a case of trial and error.

In praise of coming last (31st July, 2013)

My football team and a famous Olympian shared something very special: the joy of coming last.

Little victories (24th July, 2013)

The big shifts start with the little victories and on one dreary day in October, I had three of them.

Being Eva Peron (17th July, 2013)

Auditioning for the musical Evita, I learnt the trick of “faking it until you become it”, which thankfully is a method that can be applied outside of musical auditions.

Generous Ramadan (10th July, 2013)

What the month of Ramadan means to me.

July 2012: My “F**k It” month (3rd July, 2013)

I really enjoyed using this magical obscenity with full gusto. It brought about a lot of changes and continues to do so.

Identity as our moral starting point (26th June, 2013)

Understanding where we come from is part of understanding who we are, and it can help us move forward in figuring out how to live the good life.

Driving with the headlights on (20th June, 2013)

Sometimes it can seem like the road leads to nowhere, or we’ve reached a dead-end (or cul-de-sac). Keep the engine running; the lights on; the seatbelt fastened; and drive on – you will get there (I realise that this is very difficult if you are in a cul-de-sac but I’m speaking metaphorically).

My prerogative to change my mind (13th June, 2013)

Making plans or decisions and sticking to them can be seen as strengths but we also have to give ourselves a bit of room for manoeuvre, and the liberty to change our minds.

Lessons from an arch-nemesis (7th June, 2013)

How do you deal with an arch-nemesis?

Making the world a better place (3rd June, 2013)

I used to worry myself sick with big dreams and plans for making the world a better place. I took this on as a sort of mission. Naturally, such a big ambition left me paralysed and clueless as what to do next. Until along came a visit from a friend…

29 (2nd June, 2013)

This is where it all started. That day, I was looking at writing opportunities in Lifestyle magazines and websites, when a thought just popped into my head, “Why not just start a blog?” I asked myself. To quote an over-used cliché: and the rest is history.

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