I’ve indexed my posts!

Dear Living room philosophers,

This week I’ve put all of Living room philosophy’s posts in an index, all 29 of them since LRP launched in June 2013 – crikey. I’ve added a summary under each title to remind you (or introduce to you, new readers) of the post’s subject.

This week, what I would love is for you to take a look at the index and have a read or a glance at some of my old posts. Perhaps you need to be reminded again of how to deal with your arch-nemesis, or it’s been a while since you’ve uttered “f**k it”, or you are getting over a recent heartbreak. Alternatively, you may be questioning whether the world is in demise, or if there are any polymaths left, or what you can do to make the world a little bit better?

In compiling this index, I’ve really enjoyed going back and re-reading my posts. Sometimes I have had to ask myself whether it was actually me who was writing them or some extra-terrestrial visitor inhabiting me (more about this in a future post). They make me laugh, they make me feel empowered, and sometimes they make me cringe (just a little), but overwhelmingly they make me marvel at the wonders of life.

To future posts and thank you for coming along with me.